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Prescription Only Medicines
Pharmacy medicines


"Pharmacy Only (P) Medications"

  • Pharmacy: Medications for minor ailments such as motion sickness, cough and cold which may be supplied by pharmacists without doctor's prescription.

  • Pharmacy (Exemptions): Medications which may be supplied by pharmacists without prescription, but with restrictions (e.g. duration, quantity). 

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Generic Name
Brand Name (Company, Country of Origin)
Acyclovir 5% cream 2g
Zoral (Teva,, Indonesia)
Albendazole 400mg tablet
Zentel (GSK, South Africa)
Azelaic Acid 20% w/w Cream 30g (for pre-order)
Skinoren (Leo Pharma, Italy)
Betametasone dipropionate 0.05% cream 15g
Beprosone (Hoe Pharma, Malaysia)
Betametasone dipropionate 0.05% ointment 15g
Beprosone (Hoe Pharma, Malaysia)
Betametasone valerate 0.1% cream 15g
Betamethasone (Sunward, Malaysia)
Betamethasone valerate 0.1% Scalp Application 30mL
Betnovate (GSK, Germany)
Budesonide 100mcg Nasal Spray (Esonide) 200 Doses
Esonide (Pharmakoe, Greece)
Cetirizine 1mg/mL syrup 60mL
Ceritec (Y.S.P, Malaysia)
Chlorpheniramine 4mg tablet
Allersin F (Sunward, Singapore)
Chlorpheniramine 4mg/5mL Syrup 100mL
Chlormine (Actavis, Indonesia)
Clindamycin 1% gel 30g
Dalacin T (Pfizer, USA)
Clotrimazole 1%/Hydrocortisone 1% cream 15g
Candacort (Hoe Pharma, Malaysia)
Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal tablet
Cotren (Biolab, Thailand)
Dextromethorphan 30mg tablet
Nospan (Y.S.P, Malaysia)
Difflam Forte Throat Spray 15mL
(Inova, Italy)
Dimenhydrinate 50mg tablet (Novomin) 10's
Novomin (Xepa SP, Malaysia)
Diphenhydramine 10mg/5mL Exp 200mL
Phenexpect (Actavis, Indonesia)
Fexofenadine 180mg tablets
Telfast (Sanofi, Indonesia)
Fexofenadine 60mg, Pseudoephedrine 120mg tablet
Telfast-D (Sanofi, Indonesia)
Fluconazole 150mg capsule
Medoflucon (Medochemie, Cyprus)
Hydrocortisone 1% cream
H-Cort (Hoe Pharmaceuticals, Malaysia)
Hyoscine N-Butylbromide 10mg tablet
Dhacopan (Actavis, Indonesia)
Ibuprofen 200mg tablet
Perofen 200 (Remedica, Cyprus)
Loperamide 2mg capsule
Loramide (Y.S.P, Malaysia)
Loratadine 10mg tablet
Loradine (Y.S.P, Malaysia)
Meteospasmyl Capsule 30's
Meteospasmyl (Polymedic Trading Enterprise, France)
Mometasone 0.05% Nasal Spray 140D
Nasonex (MSD, Belgium)
Mometasone 0.1% cream 15g
Elomet (MSD, Belgium)
Mometasone 0.1% cream 5g
Elomet (MSD, Belgium)
Mometasone 0.1% lotion 30mL
Elomet (MSD, Canada)
Mometasone 0.1% ointment 15g
Elomet (MSD, Indonesia)
Neurogen-E tablets
(United Lab, Philippines)
Omeprazole 20mg Capsule
Omezole (Hovid, Malaysia)
Pholcodine 15mg/5mL Syrup 90mL
Dhacodine (DHA, Singapore)
Promethazine theoclate 25mg tablet
Votazine (Duopharma, Malaysia)
Trimebutine 120mg/ Ruscogenins 10mg Suppositories
Proctolog (Pfizer, France)
Triprolidine 2.5mg/ Pseudoephedrine 60mg tablet
Fedac (Actavis, Indonesia)
Veragel-DMS Tablets
(United American, Philippines)
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