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Patented Yerba Santa Products

Restore & Maintain Mucosal Integrity

About Mouth Kote

  • Mouth Kote is the first and only dry mouth (xerostomia) product containing Yerba Santa in an exclusive, patented formulation

  • Yerba Santa restores topical moisture to the mucosa and skin and safely delivers natural lubrication

  • Contains Xylitol to prevent tooth decay

  • Clinically proven to relieve dry mouth due to medications, surgery, radiation, Sjogren's Syndrome and aging

  • Helping patients with dry mouth worldwide since 1987

  • Recommended by medical and dental professionals

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About Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa (aka bearsweed, holy herb or mountain balm) is a plant indigenous to the foothills of the Pacific Northwest, and has been used as an herbal remedy by many Native American tribes for centuries.

It contains mucopolysaccharides which mimic the glycoproteins in normal mucosa and holds the aqueous component in contact with the tissue. These provide enhanced moisturizing and lubricating properties, superior to aloe vera, for a pleasant lubricating feel. In addition, anti-oxidant properties have been noted for Yerba Santa due to the flavonoids present.

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