Atopiclair™ is a clinically proven, non-steroidal treatment that can be used to treat your child's eczema during flare-ups as well as remissions. It helps keep their skin moisturised for up to 72 hours after application and relieves itching, burning and discomfort, keeping them happy and scratch-free. 


Atopiclair™ Cream is a thicker application and is great for calming your kid's outbreaks or extreme itching. It can be used alone or in combination with other topical medications as prescribed by your doctor.



  1. Repairs the skin barrier by providing key physiologic lipids as well as powerful hydration with Hyaluronic acid and Shea butter

  2. Protects the skin barrier through powerful antioxidant action with Vitis vinifera (grapevine), Telmesteine, Vitamin C & E

  3. Calms itching and burning quickly through effective itch relief and anti-inflammatory actions with Glycyrrhetinic acid


Unlike products that solely focus on relieving symptoms, Atopiclair™ breaks the itch-scratch cycle through a 3-pronged approach that calms, repairs and protects the skin. It is especially effective for children under the age of two and sufficiently powerful for adults. Atopiclair™ can be used as long-term maintenance therapy for mild to moderate eczema without side effects.


Atopiclair™ is safe for use on infants above the age of six months, children and adults. It's clinically proven to be effective for mild to moderate cases of atopic dermatitis (eczema), especially for children under the age of two.

Atopiclair Cream 100mL