bioXtra Dry Mouth Ultra Mild Mouthrinse gently supplements natural saliva by regulating the microenvironment of the mouth. The mild tasting formulation strengthens enamel, helps fight against the formation of dental caries and ease the symptoms and effects of Dry Mouth (xerostomia). It helps maintain your mouth’s natural balance and cleanse, refresh and lubricate your mouth.



  • Alcohol Free
  • Non-staining, non-irritating
  • Mildly moisturizing
  • Extra mild natural flavours
  • Fluoride protection
  • Powerful Oral Enzymes
  • Use as needed throughout the day
  • Pleasant mild Flavour 
  • Xylitol


  • Supplements and prolongs the actions of Bioxtra toothpaste
  • Rapid relief from dry mouth
  • Improves oral health and hygiene
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Provides a gentle antimicrobial solution to rinsing
  • Guards against dental plaque and cavities
  • Supplements saliva's natural protective mechanisms
  • Helps the mouth to heal itself
  • Promotes a healthy pH level in the mouth
  • Helps to prevent cavities
  • Alcohol Free
  • Safe for long term use


  • Use approximately 10ml of rinse for 30 seconds after brushing
  • Expel BioXtra Rinse
  • Do not rinse with water immediately after
  • Use regularly throughout the day
  • Close cap immediately after use

BioXtra Ultra Mild Mouthrinse 250mL