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Duphalac oral solution contains a laxative called lactulose. Duphalac may contain small amounts of milk sugars (e.g. lactose), galactose, epilactose or fructose.



Take Duphalac diluted or undiluted. Swallow the medicine quickly. Do not keep it in the mouth. Take the dosage preferably once a day at the same time. During treatment with laxatives, drink sufficient amounts of fluids (6-8 glasses).

Dosing in constipation or for stool softening:

Starting dose [Maintenance dose]: Adults 10 - 45 ml [10 - 25 ml]; Children (7-14 years) 15 ml [10 -15 ml]; Children (1-6 years) 5 - 10 ml [5 - 10 ml]; Infants under 1 year Up to 5 ml [Up to 5 ml].
Based upon treatment response the doctor may adjust the starting dose to the maintenance dose after a few days. Several (2-3) days of treatment may be needed before treatment effect occurs.


[Bundle of 2 bottles] Duphalac Syrup 200mL


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