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Price is for 2 tubes.



Candiplas cream is indicated for skin and nail infections due to dermatophytes, yeasts, and other fungi eg. ringworm infections of the body and scalp, "Jock itch", "Athlete's foot"


How to Use:

Skin infections: Apply some cream to the lesions twice daily. Rub the cream with the finger until it has fully penetrated the skin. When all lesions have disappeared (usually after 2 to 5 weeks) prolong treatment for some 10 days to prevent relapse.

Nail infections: Clip infected nails as shortly as possible. Once daily apply some cream to the infected nail and rub with the finger. Cover nail with a non-perforated occlusive plastic bandage.
Also after loosening of the infected nail (from 2-3 weeks onwards), uninterrupted treatment should be continued until the growth of a new nail has set in and definite cure can be observed (mostly after seven months or more).


(Bundle of 2 tubes) Miconazole 2% Cream 15g (Candiplas)


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