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Zyrtec-R contains Cetirizine which is a non-drowsy antihistamines. Effective in relieving allergy symptoms such as runny nose for up to 24 hours. For use in children 2 years and above. Banana flavour. Sugar-free.



For children 2-6 years:
2.5ml (half of a spoon), twice daily

For children 6-12 years:
5.0ml (one full spoon), twice daily

For adolescents 12 years and above, and adults:

10.0ml (two full spoons), once daily
A 5.0ml starting dose may be used if this leads to satisfactory control of symptoms

(Bundle of 3 bot) Cetirizine 1mg/mL Oral Solution (Zyrtec-R) 75mL


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