Duolac Kids (Yam Yam Plus) contains total 1 billion CFU across 5 probiotics strains. Bear-shaped yogurt-flavoured tablets. 


DUOLAC improves the stability of lactic acid bacteria with the coating layers of protein and polysaccharide to help them survive gastric acid and reach the intestine. This technology ensures an optimized delivery system and up to 100 times the efficacy of uncoated bacteria. To keep safety and stability of the product, Duolac only use strainsthat is registered to the KCTC(Korea) and DSMZ(Germany).


Dosage: Chew 2 tablets daily

Certified Halal by the Korea Muslim Federation


Product of Korea. 

DUOLAC Kids (Yam Yam Plus) Chewable Probiotic Tablets 80's