Egoderm ointment contains Ichthammol (Tumenol ammonium) 1% which has anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic effects. In addition, it contains Zinc oxide which has soothing and protective effects in a dimethicone base providing good barrier effect for the skin. Egoderm ointment is an alternative to corticosteroid creams for less acute skin conditions, including tender, itchy, scratched or broken skin rashes, genital and anal irritation, nappy rash and eczema. It may also be indicated as a follow-on treatment after corticosteroid to ensure that the skin is fully recovered. Suitable for babies.


Directions: Apply to the affected area 3 times daily or as needed.


For dry and red skin rashes, Egoderm cream which is milder may be used instead. 

Egoderm Ointment 25g


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