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A specially formulated cream for itchy scratched skin, Ezerra Plus Cream protects the skin from microbes, germs, bacteria and other external irritants to keep the skin healthy. This hydrating cream features a unique multi-action formulation to relieve itch and moisturise simultaneously for baby soft skin.

Non steroidal, fragrance-free and suitable for extended use on babies as young as 2 weeks old. Use this as a spot treatment for everyday maintenance and care for dry and irritated skin condition.


Keeps skin healthy by protecting it from microbes and helps relieve itchiness that leads to less scratching. Ensures intense and lasting moisturisation by keeping skin adequately hydrated. Keeps skin calm and comfortable.


Key ingredients:

  • STIMU-TEX® AS: A naturally-derived component that contains sensitive skin-relieving properties to provide relief from itchiness and irritation of the skin. Unique mixture of high-quality spent grain wax, cold-processed argan oil, and shea butter that provides effective relief to sensitive and irritated skin within five minutes. STIMU-TEX® AS visibly reduces histamine-related symptoms like irritation and itching, providing people with a liberating feeling of ultimate skin comfort.
  • Tripeptide: Keeps skin healthy and protects it from microbes.
  • Saccharide Isomerate: A natural humectant to deliver intense moisturisation and maintain healthy skin.
  • SK-INFLUX® V: Skin-identical synergistic lipid concentrate for enhanced skin moisturization and protection through restoring the protective function of skin. Mix of different types of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and phytosphingosine.



Clean the skin with Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser and apply 2-3 times a day on affected areas where the skin is itchy and scratched. Lightly dab and spread the cream with your fingers. Use regularly for optimum results. Best paired with Ezerra Lotion for all-over lasting moisturisation to the skin.


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(Bundle of 2) Ezerra Plus Cream 25g

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