200 ml


Iceland lichen - Spruce (fir) branch shoot

Relief of cough and irritation of the throat and mouth.


Abisan is produced from carefully selected, handpicked spruce branch shoot and Iceland lichen from pure Finnish origin. Iceland lichen is a traditional herbal medicinal product used as a demulcent (soothing agent) for the symptomatic treatment of oral or pharyngeal irritation and the associated dry cough. Spruce (Fir) branch shoot has been used traditionally for the relief of respiratory symptoms such as cough. In addition, Abisan contains peppermint and honey which further enhance the cough-soothing effect.


15 ml (=1 tablespoonful) of Abisan is equal to

fresh spruce branch shoot          630 mg

dried Iceland lichen                          82 mg

dried peppermint                              66 mg

anis seeds                                             36 mg



Syrup, Honey, Spruce branch shoot extract (Picea turiones recentes), Iceland lichen extract (Lichen islandicus), Peppermint extract (Menthae piperitae folium), Anise extract (Anisi fructus), Menthol, Preservatives E 202, E 211


Ethanol content approx. 5.0% v/v


Dosage: For adults, take 15 ml (1 tablespoonful) 1 - 3 times per day. The daily dosage should not be exceeded. Shake well before use.


Caution: Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for use in children unless under medical advice.


Manufactured by

Hankintatukku Oy

Karkkila, Finland


Produced in Finland

Hankintatukku Abisan syrup 200mL