60 capsules per box


Cranberry- Inulin – Lactic acid bacteria capsule


Urisan® Probiforte –capsules contain Cran-Max®- cranberry extract, inulin fiber and three probiotic bacterial strains (at least 1 billion probiotics per capsule).


Urisan® Probiforte supports the well-being of the urinary and gastrointestinal tract.


Cran-Max® cranberry extract provides high level of proanthocyanins without the excessive sugar that is commonly found in cranberry juice. The extract’s active components are 34 times more concentrated than in fresh cranberries. Its antioxidative effect is also three times stronger than in cranberry juice. Cran-Max® cranberry extract is delivered by Bio-shield® technology, which protects the active constituents from being destroyed by the digestive system.


Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei are lactic acid bacteria with demonstrated benefits on the gastrointestinal tract. They may also improve urinary tract health. Inulin extracted from chicory root is a natural prebiotic that supports good lactic acid bacteria growth in the intestines.



Cran-Max® -cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon) (USA), Inulin from Chicory Root (Cichorium intybus), Plant-based capsule shell E 464, Bifidobacterium longum-, Lactic acid bacteria  Probiotics mix (Lactobacillus acidophilus- and Lactobacillus casei)*, Magnesium stearate E 470b

*Together at least 1 billion CFU per capsule at the time of manufacturing


Daily dosage 2 capsules contains:

Cran-Max® -cranberry extract - 500 mg
Inulin - 360 mg

Lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei) - 2 billion CFU*

Dosage: 2 capsules per day with liquid. The daily dosage should not be exceeded.


Storage: At room temperature in a dry place.






Suitable for Vegans


Manufactured for and packed by

Hankintatukku Oy                                

Karkkila, Finland

www. hankintatukku.fi


Distributed by Poisson Pharma


Hankintatukku Urisan Probiforte caps 60's