Clinically proven as a highly effective aid for cracked feet, Hansplast Cracked Heel Ointment provides effective regeneration of painful fissures. The soothing formula with panthenol and bisabolol activates the natural skin regeneration process and makes skin smooth and healthy. It also creates a protective barrier that keeps the skin’s own moisture from evaporating, which creates ideal healing conditions. Cracked Heel Ointment is free from fragrances and preservatives and is hypoallergenic.  


This product is suitable for diabetics.


How to use: Apply a small quantity every morning and evening on the affected dry parts of your clean skin. Apply it directly before going to bed and you will wake up with smooth and soft skin.

Clinical Studies

Improved skin conditions

Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment has been tested in dermatological studies to confirm its ability to improve skin conditions, its efficacy and its local tolerability. This product is an effective and safe option in the treatment of very dry and calloused foot skin.


The test also confirmed that the formula:

  • significantly decreases dryness, callus, scaling fissures and cracks
  • significantly improves skin hydration
  • significantly improved skin hydration after just one week (as perceived by study participants)
  • remained tolerable to the skin throughout the study


*Dermatological in-use study 1: 32 female subjects with very dry, cracked foot skin and heels. / Dermatological in-use study 2: 33 female subjects with very dry, cracked foot skin and heels, including 17 (51.5%) diabetics.

Hansaplast Repair & Care Foot Care Ointment 40mL