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Hawaiian Spirulina

90 capsules


Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

For weight control and healthy blood lipids levels


Hawaiian Spirulina is a microalgae obtained from the islands of Hawaii with high nutritional content. It is rich in protein and contains essential vitamins and minerals. Spirulina promotes healthy weight with its high nutritional content and by improving satiety (feeling of fullness after eating). Spirulina improves blood lipids and cholesterol levels, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Suitable for vegans.


Ingredients: Powdered spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Magnesium salts of fatty acids


Daily dosage 3 capsules contain:

Spirulina                                 930 mg

            Protein                      522 mg

            Vitamin A                 158 mcg


Dosage & Administration:

3 capsules daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



Store in a cool, dry place away from light.


Produced by                                      

Oleofarm Sp. z o.o                          

Wroclaw  Poland


Product of Poland


Distributed in Singapore by Poisson Pharma


Hawaiian Spirulina caps 90's

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