Kordel's Ahiflower® Seed Oil is a solely plant-based supplement that provides complete omega 3,6,9. Studies have demonstrated that supplementation with Ahiflower seed oil brings about anti-inflammatory effects, in addition to improvements in heart and brain health. These benefits are also seen with conventional fish-based omega-3 supplements.


Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA), a component found in evening primrose oil, is also present in the Ahiflower seed oil - which helps with healthy skin. 


Benefits of Ahiflower versus fish-based omega supplements:

  • Ahiflower is suitable for vegetarians and vegans or individuals who cannot tolerate fish-based omega supplements due to fishy taste. 
  • It contains GLA unlike fish-based omega. 


Benefits of Ahiflower versus plant-based omega supplements (e.g flax, chia, hemp seed oils):

  • Ahiflower contains higher levels of stearidonic acid (SDA). SDA is subsequently converted in the body into omega-3 fatty acids (such as EPA and DHA) to provide the benefits of omega-3 supplements. Ahiflower is converted in the body up to 4X more effectively than flax seed.
  • Ahiflower contains GLA unlike flax seed. 


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Adults: Take 3 capsules daily after meals.


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Kordel's Ahiflower® Seed Oil Vegetal Capsules 90's

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