Kordel's Aquamin Organic Calcium contains essential minerals for healthy bone density such as calcium and magnesium. Each tablet provides elemental calcium 285mg and elemental magnesium 20.9mg. 


Key Ingredients:

Aquamin™ (Marigot Ltd)

  • Patented naturally derived multi mineral complex from red seaweed. Contains calcium, magnesium and 72 trace minerals.
  • Honey-combed structure- provides better absorption in the gut for greater efficacy. 
  • Bone- Helps to reduce the rate of bone mineral density loss in osteoporosis.
  • Joint- May help to reduce pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.
  • Supported by human clinical trials. Click here for additional information.
  • Watch video on Aquamin.



Adults: Take 1-2 tablets daily before meals.


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Kordel's Aquamin Organic Calcium tablets 60's