Kordel's UV Shield For Men is formulated to protect the skin from damages arising from UV exposure. Recommended for individuals with prolonged sun exposure.


Key Ingredients:

1) RED ORANGE COMPLEX™ (Bionap S.r.l)

  • Patented extract from the Sicilian blood orange. Rich in antioxidants 
  • Demonstrated to be able to reduce post-sun exposure erythema (skin redness) by reducing skin sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin overproduction . May therefore protect against photo-aging. 
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2) Saberry® (Sabinsa Corporation)

  • Proprietory extract of Amla. Possesses rich antioxidant effects.
  • May help reduce UV oxidative damage to the skin by scavenging free radicals. 
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Adults: Take 1 tablet daily after meal.


Kordel's UV Shield RED ORANGE COMPLEX™  (see product page) is available for women. 


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Kordel's UV Shield for Men tablets 30's

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