Also available in M size


L size measures 38" - 44" (97cm - 112 cm).





APPLICABLE FOR: Prolonged standing, labor, muscle pain, ligament sprain, lumbar pain, mild disc herniation or no obvious symptoms of lumbar pain.

Product Features:

Enhance Blood Circulation: Far infrared ray stimulates blood circulation, which helps to improve metabolism and blood's oxygen level besides keeping the body warm.
Deodorize and Anti-bacterial: Bamboo Charcoal can absorb and decompose benzene, phenol, methyl alcohol and other harmful substances (deodorize). It also prevents bacterial growth.
Perspiration and Moisture Absorption: The property of bamboo cellulose facilitates the building of voids inside fibre. This helps to absorb moisture and pull the sweat from skin and evaporate quickly.


Special Precautions

Do not use this product if the patient suffers from allergy or skin problem.
If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.


How to wear: 

1. Loosen the side hook closure on pull straps.
Place lumbar support at the back. Centre it on the lower back area.
2. Attach the hook closure on the front panel of lumbar support.
3. Pull two straps forward at the same time to tighten the lumbar support evenly.
4. Adjust the comfortable level of compression, and secure the pull straps onto the front panel.

WASHING INSTRUCTION: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.
DO NOT: machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners.

MEDEX FAR Infrared Lumbar Support (L)