• Flexible foam cushions, stretches and bends
  • Waterproof and long lasting
  • Sterility guaranteed unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged
  • Latex-free


Nexcare™ Active Extra Cushion Bandages are designed to provide what active people want in a bandage. The Nexcare™ Active Extra Cushion Bandage cushions, protects, stretches and bends when you do and sticks to damp skin, making it ideal for active lifestyles, sports or hot, humid conditions. The unique diamond shape fits hard-to-cover body parts like fingers, elbows and knees—even hands or feet. The 360-degree seal keeps out water, dirt and germs that may lead to infection. A must-have for any first aid kit, Nexcare™ Active Extra Cushion Bandages are perfect for treating minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes and blisters.

Nexcare Active Extra Cushion Bandages Assor 30's