• Creates optimum moist healing environment to promote recovery and prevent scabs from forming
  • Outer layer is impermeable to water, vapour, gases and micro-organisms
  • Unique diamond-shaped bandage provides a better seal around the Hydrocolloid pad
  • Designed with ultra-thin and flexible material for all-day comfort
  • Gel pad aids in reducing pain and provides cushion to the wound


Gone are the days when bad falls or accidental scrapes leave unsightly marks that serve as nasty reminders on your skin: let your wounds heal better and avoid scarring with the first-ever Nexcare™ Hydrocolloid Bandages and Dressings! These scar-prevention bandages and dressings promote faster healing, prevent scarring, reduce pain and offer long-lasting protection against water, dirt and germs. Made with the same technology trusted by doctors and nurses, and preferred by hospitals, Nexcare™ Hydrocolloid Dressings are ideal for wounds with low to moderate levels of exudates, and can be used on a variety of wound types such as abrasions, cuts, burns, donor sites, pressure sores and leg ulcers.


The 3M Nexcare Hydrocolloid Dressing can be cut to size. 

Nexcare Hydrocolloid 6 x 10cm Dressings 2's


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