A Japanese product by Nihon Kefia.

Manufactured in Japan under strict GMP standards.

No additives and sugar added.

Exp: 20 July 2022


Original Kefir sachets are intended for make Kefir.

    What is kefir?

    Kefir is a fermented milk product that is similar to yogurt. Originating from the Caucasus Mountains, Kefir confers a wide range of health benefits which include improving the digestive system and strengthening immunity.


    Kefir is unique as it is made up of complex mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast cohabitating in the same environment in a symbiotic relationship. The yeast present may supply vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients while eliminating metabolic waste products hence allowing the lactic acid bacteria to flourish. The resultant fermented product is therefore rich in nutrition and flavour.


    Nihon Kefia (NKG) Kefir is developed in 1977 from Russian Kefir with Japanese fermentation technology. The health benefits of NKG Kefir are supported by decades of clinical research including collaborations with several national universities.


    The NKG kefir contains the following synergistic mix of 4 types of lactic acid bacteria and 3 types of yeast.

    Lactic acid bacteria


    Lactobacillus kefiri

    Kluyveromyces marxianus

    Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens

    Saccharomyces unisporus

    Leuconostoc mesenteroides

    Saccharomyces turicensis

    Lactococcus lactis



    Instructions for use:

    Step 1: Put 1 sachet into 1,000ml milk (fresh milk, low fat milk, soy milk) directly in the carton or in a clean,sealable container. Seal the container.

    Step 2: Mix it well by shaking up and down for 10 times to ensure even mixing.

    Step 3: Leave it to ferment for 24-30 hours at room temperature (20-35 ℃). Do not shake or stir the milk during fermentation or else it would not curdle.

    Step 4: Fermentation is completed once curd formed on the surface. Refrigerate the Kefir.

    Step 5: The Kefir is now ready to be consumed. You may enjoy it on its own, or with honey, syrup or fresh fruits.



    • The consistency of the Kefir will be looser than regular yogurt.
    • Use a new sachet each time to make Kefir. Do not use leftover Kefir as starter cultures to prevent bacteria contamination.
    • Fermentation may take longer (2-3 days) if the temperature is below 20 ℃.
    • Discard if any unusual/ foul smell is present, or if the milk fails to curdle after 2 days as this could indicate bacteria contamination of the milk.
    • After fermentation, the Kefir should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 – 4 days
    • Duration of fermentation or volume of milk used may be adjusted to achieve desired flavour and consistency.


    Pack size: 2g x 16 sachets (32g per bag)


    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


    Poisson Pharma is the authorized seller of Original Kefia in Singapore.



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