Exp: 06/2022


Pharmaton Kiddi CL contains vitamins, minerals and lysine. Promotes growth for children and adolescents. May be used in children above 1 years of age. Furthermore it is also indicated in all ages during convalescence. Orange flavoured.


Ingredients per 7.5mL:

Lysine 150mg

Calcium 65mg

Vit B1 1.5mg

Vit B2 1.73mg

Vit B6 3mg

Vit D3 200IU

Vit E 7.5IU

Nicotinamide 10mg

D-Panthenol 5mg



Children 1-5 years- 7.5mL daily taken with breakfast or lunch.

School children, adolescents- 10mL daily taken with breakfast or lunch.

May dilute with water or mixed with food. 

Pharmaton Kiddi CL Syrup 100mL