Sinupret® acts reliably against acute and chronic inflammations of the paranasal sinuses through its combination of the five medicinal plants. Bioflavanoids in Sinupret® loosens thick mucus, opens the nose, and helps to drain the mucus. By stimulating the chloride channels in the respiratory lining, the resultant increase in fluid helps to liquify the mucus secretion and improves clearance from the respiratory tract.

  1. Cowslip (Primula veris/elatior): The active substances of cowslip’s flowers and calyx are mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and combat the disease-causing pathogens, namely, viruses and bacteria.
  2. Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea): The plant part used for medicinal purposes is the root, which contains substances with an anti-inflammatory action.
  3. Black elder (Sambucus nigra): The flowers of the black elder have a mucolytic action.
  4. Common sorrel (Rumex species): Its active substances from the leaves and stems also have a mucolytic action and an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, they support the body’s own defences and exhibit an antibacterial action.
  5. Vervain (Verbena officinalis): The active substances from the leaves and stems also have a mucolytic action, are anti-inflammatory and combat viruses. 



Adults and adolescents: 2 tablets three times daily

Children of school age: 1 tablet three times daily


For younger children who cannot swallow tablets, Sinupret syrup is available. 

Sinupret Tablets 50's


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