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Price is for 2 cartons. Each carton has 3 packs of 30 pieces.


TENA Flex Plus with ConfioAir™ and ComfiStretch belt with wide easy-grip adjustable fastening tabs allows for comfort and easy changing. The highly absorbing dual core offers high protection during daytime and night-time use.

  • Absorbency rating of 6 out of 8 among TENA products.
  • Easier and more dignified changes with a belted product. Patent protected ComfiStretch integrated fastening belt, which is easy and quick to change. Simply fasten the belt around the hips, then attach the front of the pad to the belt using the wide easy-grip fastening hooks. The belt can be fastened at the front or the back to suit the needs of the user.
  • TENA Flex with ConfioAir™ is fully breathable and designed to promote healthy skin. The belted brief leaves hips and thighs less covered, maintaining dryness, healthy skin and wearer comfort. All materials are dermatologically tested.
  • FeelDry™ technology in the absorbent core rapidly wicks away even large quantities of urine into the product core. The urine remains locked in the core even under pressure, keeping it away from the skin, for enhanced comfort.

  • High-performance leakage barriers for added protection, whether the user is standing, sitting or lying down.

  • Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour, giving the individual a feeling of freshness and dignity.

  • Wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change.


TENA Flex Plus Size (Waist/Hip Measurement):

Medium- 71-102cm/ 28"-41"

Large- 83-120cm/ 33"-48"

Xtra Large- 105-153cm/ 42"-61"

(Bundle of 2) TENA Flex Plus Large Carton (3 packs x 30's)