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Superior quality hypoallergenic moisturizer made with a proprietary base for hydrating and soothing normal to very dry, itchy skin.

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Care, concern, attention

Dry, cracked skin is painful, itchy, and can adversely affect one's quality of life.
CURA S.A. is formulated with the very intention of providing the care your skin needs - superior hydration and soothing itch relief - without stickiness and greasiness.
With regular use, skin is softer and healthier. 

  • Fragrance and Lanolin - free

  • Fast-absorbing, Non-greasy

  • Contains just enough menthol to soothe itch without stinging

  • Suitable for infants, children, elderly and individuals with sensitive skin

Made in Canada by Pharmacists

Secundum artem.


  • Superior hydration with no greasiness

  • Forms a protective barrier on skin to prevent transdermal water loss

  • Hypoallergenic formula with minimal ingredients

  • Recommended for sensitive and very dry skin


  • Refreshing, lightweight formula

  • Contains nourishing plant oils, silk amino acids and allantoin to hydrate and soothe skin

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