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Plant Mirror Reflection

High quality cosmeceuticals formulated by cosmetic dermatologists and pharmacists

Carefully compounded from a selection of natural active ingredients that enhance the vitality of your skin

About Dr. Bert Skincare

  • ​Products have a scientific established potential to keep your skin in optimal condition : 3RRestore, Regenerate, Renew.​

  • Products include a transdermal delivery system facilitating the delivery of the active skin rejuvenation ingredients for best results.​

  • Products are made on site with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards under supervision of Canadian Registered Pharmacists.​

  • Products reduce trans dermal water loss and thus keeps your skin moisturized and consequently reduce wrinkling.​

  • Products are eco-friendly.​

  • Products come in airless containers and jars to preserve its high quality by preventing contamination.

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Made in Canada
Imported by & Available exclusively at Poisson Pharma
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