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High quality cosmeceuticals formulated by cosmetic dermatologists and pharmacists

Carefully compounded from a selection of natural active ingredients that enhance the vitality of your skin

About Dr. Bert Skincare

  • ​Products have a scientific established potential to keep your skin in optimal condition : 3RRestore, Regenerate, Renew.​

  • Products include a transdermal delivery system facilitating the delivery of the active skin rejuvenation ingredients for best results.​

  • Products are made on site with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards under supervision of Canadian Registered Pharmacists.​

  • Products reduce trans dermal water loss and thus keeps your skin moisturized and consequently reduce wrinkling.​

  • Products are eco-friendly.​

  • Products come in airless containers and jars to preserve its high quality by preventing contamination.

Made in Canada
Imported by & Available exclusively at Poisson Pharma
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Dr Maraina's Mango Hydrating Facial Moisturizer 

"I have combination-dry, slightly sensitive skin that gets irritated by some ingredients such as fragrances but I didn't get any allergy or sensitivity issues with this product"

- R.H.

Dr Maraina's Cucumber Eye Serum

"I have less puffiness and lighter eyebags after a week of use! 

I love that it has no scent, because my skin is quite sensitive to scented products. It is also very light and watery, not greasy at all to apply - I have oily to combination skin so this dewy formula works!"

- F.P.

Dr Maraina's Firming Facial Toner

"I really like how this formula is gentle and light, and does not dry out my skin at all. I massage this lightly over my face after cleansing, and it seems to aid absorption of the other products I layer on subsequently.

Having used it for about 2 months, my pores quite obviously became smaller as well!"

Dr Maraina's Night Moisturizing Cream

"The cream is not greasy when applied but can feel that the skin is moisturized. The skin feels soft and supple the next morning and i feel that it helps with my uneven and dull skin tone."

- J.N.