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Nicotine-free smoking cessation aid

Reduces nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms

Quit smoking with Denicit.


Denicit helps ease the transition into a cigarette-free life. 

It contains cytisine, a nicotine-free natural bioactive plant compound that can be extracted from various plant species (for example, Laburnum seeds).

Denicit helps you quit smoking by 

Blocking the pleasurable effects of nicotine

Reducing the craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation

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Cytisine has been used for decades in eastern and central Europe as a smoking cessation aid. 

Clinical studies have demonstrated that cytisine

  1. is an effective smoking cessation aid

  2. may be more effective compared with nicotine replacement therapy

  3. is at least as effective as vareniciline (a prescription only smoking cessation medication)

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Each box of Denicit contains 100 tablets - just the right number of tablets for a standard 25-day regimen.                          

Denicit should be taken with water according to the schedule below. You should slowly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and stop smoking entirely from Day 5 onwards. 


Denicit Patient Information Leaflet - Download and print out here

Denicit Calender - Download and print out the calender here 

TIP: Use the Denicit Calender to keep track of your progress!

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