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ACTOLIND Solution Plus utilizes a smart and synergistic combination of 0.1% Polyhexanide (PHMB) and Poloxamer to care for acute, chronic, infected and burn wounds. Removes biofilms and prevents their formation.



Nearly all chronic wounds have biofilms. 


A biofilm is a microscopic layer of "slime" consisting of a complex community of micro-organisms. Biofilms are attached to wound surfaces and cannot be removed by normal saline and antibiotics. Biofilms cause chronic wound inflammation and impede wound healing.



  • PHMB is a first-line antiseptic for many types of wounds, including infected or colonized chronic wounds and burn wounds
  • Poloxamer 188 selectively seals damaged portions of cell membranes to promote cell viability and wound healing
  • Accelerates the wound healing process
  • Optimally wets and detaches crusts, necrotic tissue and biofilm layers from wounds
  • Kills pathogens and prevents re-infection of the cleaned wounds
  • Tissue compatible and does not cause pain 
  • Promotes granulation and epithelization
  • Dermatologically tested - "EXCELLENT"
  • Patented formulation


Intended Use

  • For the cleaning, moistening and decontamination of infected or non-infected acute wounds (e.g. traumatic wounds or surgical wounds, crushes, bites, stings etc), chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers etc) and burn wounds (thermal, radiation, electrical or chemical wounds)
  • Softens dressing materials that are adhered to the wound for painless, atraumatic removal
  • For the cleaning of urological catheter entry sites
  • For the maintenance of peristomal skin, fistulas and abcesses



Use on hyaline cartilage and in aseptic joint surgery, in the middle and inner ear, on the eye, on the central nervous system or meninges, for peritoneal irrigation and washing; in the case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.


Completely remove from the wound surface before application: anionic surfactants, cleaning soaps, creams, oils, enzymes etc.



ACTOLIND Solution Plus


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