Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo provides effective comprehensive action to help fight hair loss. Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss. Suitable for men and women.


An innovative Hair Loss Formula with Four Active Ingredients:

  • Zinc pyrithione slows hair loss and increases hair density.
  • Cystine and vitamin B6 protects the hair bulb from external elements.
  • Hyaluronic acid prevents hair dryness and reduces scalp irritation.


CYSTIPHANE Hair Loss Shampoo has a Gentle High Tolerance Cleansing Formula. It offers Comprehensive Actions to Fight Against Hair Loss:

  • Slows down hair loss.
  • Protects hair fibres from everyday damaging external factors.
  • Gently cleanses without dryness and respects scalp’s natural balance.



  • Apply to wet hair by massaging gently. Work into a lather, leave on for a little while, then rinse.
  • Use 3 times per week
  • If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly.



Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is formulated Free of Paraben, Silicon,  Phenoxyethanol,  0% Fragrance and Hypoallergenic

Manufactured by:

Laboratoires Bailleul S.A, France

Cystiphane Biorga Shampoo 200mL


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