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Product Features

  • Protects sensitive mucosal and gingival tissues

  • Reduces pain, redness and swelling

  • Safe for infants

  • NO ingredients that are potentially harmful to infants - NO lidocaine, salicylates (i.e. choline salicylates), alcohol.


GENGIGEL Teething Gel is an innovative patented mucoadhesive polymer matrix gel that forms a lasting, invisible, flexible and strong film over the teeth and gums. 


GENGIGEL Teething gel has been clinically evaluated (against standard anaesthetic teething gel containing lidocaine and cetylpyridinium chloride) and found to be superior in terms of symptom relief, sleep improvement and reduction of drooling.


GENGIGEL products are well studied in clinical trials, with more than 20 scientific papers published. GENGIGEL products are used in every continent and over 80 countries. 



After washing hands thoroughly, spread a small amount of product with a finger and massage it gently onto the gum until the affected area is entirely covered. Preferably apply after meals and before sleep. Use 3 - 6 times a day, or as required. 


GENGIGEL Teething Gel 20mL


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