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168 capsules per bottle


Cold-pressed evening primrose oil – Vitamin E capsule

For dry and sensitive skin


Femiglandin GLA+E is formulated with cold-pressed evening primrose oil and vitamin E. Cold-pressed evening primrose oil consists only the oil from the first pressing, (ie. “virgin” oil). The temperature of this oil does not rise over 50 °C during the manufacturing process, hence preserving the quality of the oil.


Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and vitamin E, Femiglandin GLA+E supports skin health in conditions such as dry and sensitive skin.


The capsule shell is produced from carageenan extracted from starch and seaweed and is completely plant-based.



Cold-pressed evening primrose seed oil, Gelling agent carrageenan and hydroxypropyl starch, Humectant glycerol, D-alpha-tocopherol from soya


Daily dosage 4 capsules contains:

Cold-pressed evening primrose seed oil - 2000 mg


  • Gamma linolenic acid (GLA)  - 200 mg

Vitamin E  - 10 mg


Dosage: 2 capsules twice per day. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.






Suitable for vegans


Manufactured for and packed by

Hankintatukku Oy

Karkkila Finland


Distributed by Poisson Pharma

Hankintatukku Femiglandin GLA+E (Evening Primrose) caps 168's


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