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90 capsules


Soya phospholipids (containing Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic acid)

Improves cognitive function, memory, mood

Reduces stress response



FOSFOSER® Memory is formulated with soya phospholipids containing standardized amounts of both phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid, which are key components of membranes including neuronal membranes. This combination is well-supported helps to stabilize or improve cognitive function, memory, and mood especially in older adults.FOSFOSER® Memory also helps reduce physical and mental stress while increasing alertness.


Ingredients: Soya phospholipids, MCT oil, Gelatin (Bovine), Glycerin E 422, Color E 172


Daily dosage of 1-3 capsules contains:

Soya phospholipids             480-1440 mg
containing   Phosphatidylserine                    100-300 mg

                         Phosphatidic acid                       100-300 mg


Dosage: 1-3 capsules per day. The dose should not be exceeded.


Lactose free

Yeast free


Gluten free


Manufactured by:

Hankintatukku Oy

Karkkila Finland


Distributed by Poisson Pharma

Hankintatukku Fosfoser Memory caps 90's

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