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Price is for 2 bottles. Each bottle contains 150mL.


Maltofer contains Iron (III) hydroxide-polymaltose-complex which provides controlled iron absorption. 

Each 5mL provide elemental iron 50mg. Indicated for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in infants, children and adults. Used for the treatment of iron deficiency without anemia in children above 1 year old. It is also indicated for the prevention of iron deficiency during pregnancy.


Some benefits over other forms of iron supplementation:

  • Fewer and milder side effects, such as constipation, nausea and vomitting.
  • May be taken with food.
  • Few if not no interactions with medications reported to date.
  • Suitable for use in pregnancy.


Contains ethanol (alcohol content is less than 0.33%) - conversely, Maltofer DROPS does not contain ethanol.



Refer to product information leaflet for dosing for different age groups (infants, children, adults) for treatment and prevention of iron-deficiency anemia.


Singapore Registered Therapeutic Product SIN05700P

Manufactured by: Vifor SA, Switzerland

(Bundle of 2 bots) Maltofer 50mg/5mL Syrup 150mL


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