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Prontosan® Wound Gel is a wound cleanser plus hydrogel for wound decontamination and to maintain a moist wound healing environment. It contains two key ingredients:

  1. Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), an antimicrobial agent (0.1%)
  2. Betaine, a surfactant (0.1%)


In Prontosan, the combination of PHMB with a surfactant (betaine) has an increased ability to penetrate difficult-to-remove coatings, lifting debris, bacteria and biofilm from the wound. This is supported by clinical evaluations that have reported increased healing rates and reduced incidence of wound infection.


*Biofilms are complex microbial communities living within a three-dimensional extracellular polysaccaride (EPS) matrix embedded in a thick slimy blanket of sugars and proteins. The matrix acts as a barrier, protecting the micro-organisms from cellular and chemical attack. Biofilms delay wound healing.



  1. Cleansing, moisturizing and decontamination of skin wounds and burns:
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Postoperative wounds
  • Chronic skin ulcers (e.g. venous, diabetic or pressure ulcers
  • Thermal wounds
  • Chemical wounds (acid- and alkali-induced)
  • Radiation-induced wounds

2. Moistening of bandages and wound dressings



  • Reduces healing time
  • Removes and prevents biofilm
  • Prevents infections
  • Facilitates gentle dressing changes
  • Is compatible with commonly used wound dressings



Prontosan Wound Gel may be directly applied to the wound, filled into wound cavities or dressings can be moistened with the gel prior to application. Suggest to be used after irrigation with Prontosan Irrigation Solution. 

Prontosan Wound Gel 30mL

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