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Elvitum Botformule

Aquamin Calcium – Vit D3

For healthy bones and teeth


Elvitum Botformule is a vegan-friendly formulation of Aquamin and Vitamin D3. Aquamin is rich in highly absorbable calcium and magnesium, along with other trace minerals.


Botformule helps adults meet their daily calcium requirements. Coated tablets for easier swallowing.


Dosage (Adults): 1-2 tablets per day or as recommended by healthcare professionals.


Each coated tablet contains:
Aquamin Mineral complex,
of which Calcium         500 mg

                Magnesium     33 mg

Vitamin D3                     200 iu


Ingredients: Aquamin (from Lithothamnion sp. ), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Oil, Calcium-Bound Fatty Acids, Coating (HPMC), Vegetable Vitamin D3 (from moss). 


No ingredients of animal origin. Free from GMOs, gluten, lactose, yeast and soy. No artificial colours, aromas or flavours.


Pack Size: 90 coated tablets

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.


Elvitum Botformule (Ca-D3) Tablets 90s


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