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Price is for 2 bottles. Each bottle is 200mL.


The Pinetarsol range is intended to be skin cleansers (as soap alternatives) for itchy and inflammed skin. These may occur in conditions such as dermatitis, hives, eczema, sunburn, insect bite, nappy rash and psoriasis. Pine tar which is the key ingredient in Pinetarsol helps to reduce itch and inflammation while gently cleansing the skin without stripping its natural oils, thereby minimizing skin irritations typical of conventional soaps. It is not photo-sensitizing (increase sensitivity to sunlight) unlike coal tar. Soap-free


Directions depending on use:

  1. As a bath: Add 15-30mL to warm to terpid bath (For Baby bath use 5mL instead). Bathe for 5-10 minutes once daily or more frequently depending on severity. 
  2. As shower: Wet skin then apply onto affected area. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off. 
  3. Small areas: Add 10mL to 3L of water. Sponge, pat and dry. 


For dry skin, may consider Pinetarsol Bath Oil which is more moisturizing. 


Product of Ego Pharmaceuticals (Maker of QV range of products).

(Bundle of 2) Pinetarsol Solution 200mL


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